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A Call to Action: Realizing the NIPUN   What makes ALfA stand apart is its razor-sharp focus on
 Bharat Goals with ALfA  Foundational Literacy and Numeracy. It questions the
 Imagine a world where the gift of literacy is spread within   norms: if the problem is so vast and critical, why aren’t
 just 45 days. Imagine not having to wait for years and   we addressing it with the urgency it deserves?
 decades, but merely weeks and months to realize our
 educational goals. This vision can become a reality, but   MOOT: The Beacon of Rapid Literacy &
 only if we act swiftly and decisively.  Numeracy
 One revolutionary way to impart foundational literacy
 Enter ALfA (Accelerating Learning for All) by DEVI   to the world is through Massive Open Online Training
 Sansthan. A program devised after 22 long years   (MOOT) provided by DEVI Sansthan. Already, individuals
 of meticulous research and backed by the Harvard   from 66 countries have embraced this initiative.
 Graduate School of Education. ALfA’s 45-day literacy   Leveraging technology, especially in the training
 program is not just another educational initiative; it’s a   of teachers, is the bridge that connects educators
 transformative experience with the potential to reshape   worldwide. MOOT offers a robust platform for districts,
 India’s educational landscape, setting the nation on a   states, and entire nations, ensuring every teacher
 trajectory towards achieving the SDGs.  possesses the tools to instill foundational literacy and
 numeracy effectively.

 A diverse group of educators engaging with the MOOT platform on various devices.
 How MOOT Empowers Educators

 It’s astonishing to think that just three hours can radically shift the trajectory of education. But with MOOT, this is a
 tangible reality. This intensive training session, lasting a mere three hours, is designed to be comprehensive yet easily
 digestible. It introduces educators to the core principles of ALfA, arming them with practical strategies and techniques
 to bring about rapid literacy and numeracy in their classrooms.

 Through MOOT, teachers access a treasure trove of resources, methodologies, and real-world case studies. The beauty
 of MOOT lies in its scalability. Whether it’s a single teacher in a remote village or a cohort of educators in a bustling city,
 the training is accessible and relevant.  Moot Report.

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